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"Put down the white flag and pick up Light Wins, the first step to take back our freedoms." 
-- General Jerry Boykin 

"Finally, a film that puts freedom on the offensive! Light Wins may be the most important documentary on marriage yet." 
-- David Barton, Founder and President, WallBuilders 

"Light Wins" reveals the frightening trend not to simply ignore Christian believers, but to rid society of us altogether. This ground breaking, eye opening film will awaken viewers to the fact that being a spectator is no longer an option. One will be part of the solution or part of the problem, and I hope this riveting documentary will cause believers to take notice." 
-- Gov. Mike Huckabee 

"Light Wins exposes the dark agenda threatening our freedoms and illuminates ways to overcome the darkness and shine. Light Wins is startling, powerful...hopeful." 
-- Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel 

“Who would have predicted 10 years ago, 20 years ago, that it would take courage to make a documentary affirming marriage as an institution between one man and one woman? It does now. And that’s why this film is so necessary today.” 
-- Joseph Farah, 

"This really captures the chilling truth of what we're faced with in America. People occasionally ask me to describe what I think is happening to us all -- and what the future could bring if we don't confront it. I'm just going to tell them to watch "Light Wins." Every believer must watch it." 
-- Brian Camenker, Mass Resistance 

"Light Wins" gives us all a chance to participate at an historical time in the defense of our nation, our families, our children, our beliefs. What an opportunity and an honor to be on the front lines of the battle which has been so convincingly laid out in this gripping documentary. 
–- Dr. Judith Reisman, Director, Liberty Center for Child Protection 

" Light Wins should be shown in every Church in America." 
-- Pastor Rick Scarborough, Vision America 

"Light Wins will ignite a wildfire of hope and courage across America to stand up for truth!" 
-- Peter LaBarbera, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality 

"Light Wins is a beacon of hope for the righteous that will send lovers of darkness scurrying for the shadows." 
-- Matt Barber 

‚Äč"Light Wins is vital for every Christian and concerned citizen to watch and understand. It is time to awaken and rise to preserve the freedom for those seeking to leave homosexuality as well as religious freedom in our country!" 
-- Anne Paulk, Author, Speaker and Executive Director, Restored Hope Network 

"This film features a diversity of voices, people of sincere compassion and conscience, who recognize that the agenda to radically redefine marriage and the family poses a serious and growing threat to religious freedom in America. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to expose, confront, and protect their freedom from that threat." 
-- Gary Glenn, AFA of Michigan 

"This must-see video by Janet Folger Porter is a wake-up call on one of the most pressing issues to the church in our time. Though not politically correct (far from it), it is biblically and medically correct. I believe this video could literally save lives."
-- Dr. Jerry Newcombe, author/TV producer/radio host 

"Light Wins because TRUTH wins. Light exposes darkness. The assault on marriage, on our families is an attack on our children and therefore our future. We must expose the lies that redefines the basic foundation of a civil society. and that foundation is one man, one woman marriage. Let the Light shine!" 
-- Gregory Quinlan, Living Free Ministry of NJ 

"In the name of tolerance, the criminalization of Christianity continues apace. Unless the churches awaken and let their people know what's at stake, America will drift blindly into a previously unthinkable future. But this does not have to be. God willing, this film will give hope to families and strugglers and inspire many to turn to Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords."
-- Robert Knight, author and columnist 

"The question before the 21st century Christian is not, “Who will win the culture war?” No! The questions before the Church are these: First, will the followers of Jesus be found faithful to the Word of God? And, second, do Christians believe that the Lord who created the world with the spoken Word, who sent His only Son to die on a bloody cross, and raised Him to life, and is seated at the right hand of the Father -- do Christians believe that this all-powerful God will triumph over evil in this life and the next? 

If you hesitate, even for a moment, in answering these two questions, then you must absorb the deep wisdom found in [Light Wins]. Every Christian man, woman, and child must view this movie in its entirety – and share its powerful message with everyone you know." 
-- Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation